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USSR/Russia 1831 Series

1831 Series chips have been used for Soviet "Electronica-79" DEC PDP-11 compatible computer.
These chips are combined in a processor named "M8" - analogue of DEC J11.

M8 is a set of following ICs:

1831VM1 (1831ВМ1) - microprocessing unit, DEC DCJ-11AA analog

1831VU1 (1831ВУ1) - microprogram control unit, DEC DCJ-11DC alalog

1831 Multi-Chip modules
M8K red4 (М8К ред4)

1831 Multi-chip modules

M8K red4 (М8К ред4)
M8 'M8K red4' processor is a DEC J-11 analog from Electronica-79 minicomputer

  Manufacturer: Electronica, Voronezh
  Frequency: 15 MHz
  Package: CDIP-60
  Year: 1991