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Collections - Marcin Majewcki CPU collection

Museum of electronic rarities
(Музей электронных раритетов)
Rare electronic components museum
(in Russian)

Collection of ex-USSR chips and computers
(in Russian)

Hugo's CPU Museum

CPU World - Big collection of Gennadiy Shvets, lot of useful information and great forum - a discussion place for most collectors around the world.

Gecko's CPU library.

Information resources

DEC Microprocessors - Bob Supnik' great site - great resource about PA-RISC hardware

Russia/ex-USSR electronic manufacturers

Angstrem (Russia, Moscow/Zelenograd)

Argon (Russia, Moscow)

Elvees/Multicore (Russia, Moscow)

Integral (Belarus, Minsk)

MCST (Russia, Moscow)

Micron (Russia, Moscow/Zelenograd)

Milandr (Russia, Moscow/Zelenograd)

RC Module (Russia, Moscow)

NIIET (Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Engineering) (Russia, Voronezh)

Progress (Microelectronic Hardware Research Institute) (Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Engineering) (Russia, Moscow)