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[2010-05-05] Soviet UV EPROMs in pictures
[2010-01-10] The present day processors and microcontrollers from ex-USSR (eng.)

USSR/Russia chips (in Russian):

K145IP7 (К145ИП7) ussr-k145ip7.pdf (90 KB)
K584VM1 BSP (К584ВМ1) ussr-k584vm1.pdf (1.8 MB)
586 Series (1.6 MB)
K586VE1 MCU (К586ВЕ1) ussr-k586ve1.pdf (220 KB)
K587IK2 (К587ИК2) (520 KB)
KR1806VE1 (КР1806ВЕ1) (606 KB)
1806VM2 (DEC LCI-11) (1806ВМ2) (130 KB)
1821VM85A (8085) (1821ВМ85А) ussr-im1821vm85a_rus.pdf (855 KB)
1823 Series (1.2 MB)
1865VM1 Forth Microprocessor (1865ВМ1) ussr-1865VM1.djvu (181 KB)
U83-K1883 Series (USSR-DDR) ussr-u83-k1883-series.pdf (185 KB)